Dramatic Much

I saw a prompt about a writing a character who thinks the world is going to end. So here is a short story.

He woke up with a feeling of dread. Or maybe it was the smell of day old pizza sitting in the box next to his bed. Maybe it was his phone blaring loudly next to his head. He picked it up and clicked ignore. “Not now”- he thought. He sighed and sat up in bed just to stare at his feet. He felt like death. Or what he supposed death felt like because he was very much alive at the moment. He had a headache that pierced through his skull and his hands were shaky. He needed water and an aspirin. Also some breakfast, or lunch would be fine because it might be noon and not morning right now. He took a deep breathe and thought about the situation that occurred and the conversation that took place a couple of days ago.

His phone started blaring waking him up from his trance. He pushed ignore again and started laughing. A deep startling laughed that filled his studio apartment like a balloon filling up with air. He thought about the other night when he was hanging out with his cousin. Playing video games, eating potato chips and pizza, and drinking beer. His cousin had paused the game suddenly and looked at him and said “you know the world is ending right.” “Huh”- is how responded. His cousin who may have had a bit too many beers looked at him with a cloudy expression and said “Well the world is ending tomorrow. I am certain at 6pm because that is the time I am choosing.” He looked at his cousin and started laughing because he was not sober himself. “okay no more beer for you. That is a crazy.” he said

His cousin just shook his head and said “I am right though something is going to change and the your world and my world will change. Trust me it just will”- his cousin said with such excitement that he fell off of the couch. He had just laughed himself. Now he wanted to cry.

After that conversation the next day at 6pm after his cousin had already left. A friend texted him and asked if he was okay and that she had just found out. He stared at the texted confused. She called him. “Are you okay? I’m close to your place and I can bring food.” she said “Yeah you can if you explain to me what is wrong?” She became silent for a second and then finally asked. “You haven’t talked to your girlfriend all day have you?” she asked. “No she is visiting her friends for the weekend out of town” He said “Well your cousin just posted a picture with her and had a status update saying their both engaged to each other. It looks like the change of status happened at 6pm.” She said

All he could say “Was I guess my cousin was right when he said my life would change today at 6pm.”

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